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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (Quality of Life Upgrade MK I). It was last updated for the Rocketry Upgrade.

Base Buildings are basic building blocks for the Colony.

List of base buildings[edit | edit source]

Ladders, Tiles, Tubes[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Research Run Speed Decor
Ladder -5
Fire Pole.png
Fire Pole Refined Objects ±75% -5
Plastic Ladder.png
Plastic Ladder Home Luxuries +20% -5
Tile +25% +5
Airflow Tile.png
Airflow Tile Pressure Management -5
Mesh Tile.png
Mesh Tile Sanitation -5
Insulated Tile.png
Insulated Tile Temperature Modulation -5
Plastic Tile.png
Plastic Tile Home Luxuries +50% +5
Metal Tile.png
Metal Tile Smelting +50% +15
Window Tile.png
Window Tile Refractive Decor +5
Bunker Tile.png
Bunker Tile High-Temperature Forging +5
Transit Tube.png
Transit Tube Transit Tubes +50% +5
Transit Tube Crossing.png
Transit Tube Crossing Transit Tubes +50%
Transit Tube Access.png
Transit Tube Access Transit Tubes -10

Doors[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Research Decor
Pneumatic Door.png
Pneumatic Door
Manual Airlock.png
Manual Airlock Pressure Management -15
Mechanized Airlock.png
Mechanized Airlock Decontamination -10
Bunker Door.png
Bunker Door High-Temperature Forging

Storages[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Research Capacity Decor
Storage Compactor.png
Storage Compactor 20000 kg -10
Smart Storage Compactor.png
Smart Storage Compactor Smart Storage 20000 kg -10
Liquid Reservoir.png
Liquid Reservoir Industrial Storage 5000 kg -10
Gas Reservoir.png
Gas Reservoir Industrial Storage 150 kg -10