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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version OC-254781. It was last updated for OI-236679.

Basic buildings only require the appropriate resources to be built and more advanced structures will require to be unlocked after the appropriate research at the Research Station and Super Computer.

List of buildings[edit | edit source]

Buildings are organized in the building menu according to their nature or main purpose, and are listed as follow:

Base Menu.png Base[edit | edit source]


"Maintain your colony's infrastructure with these homebase basics."

Basic buildings focused on increasing duplicant's mobility.

Oxygen Menu.png Oxygen[edit | edit source]


"Everything you need to keep your colony breathing."

Buildings focused on oxygen production, cleaning and converting.

Power Menu.png Power[edit | edit source]


"Need to power your colony? Here's how to do it!"

Buildings focused on power generation, storage, powering machines.

Food Menu.png Food[edit | edit source]


"Keep your Duplicant's spirits high and their bellies full."

Buildings focused on food production and storage.

Plumbing Menu.png Plumbing[edit | edit source]


"Get your water running and the sewage flowing."

Plumbing focuses on the duplicants hygiene and the movement of Liquids.

Ventilation Menu.png Ventilation[edit | edit source]


"Control the flow of gases in your base."

Ventilation focuses on the movement of Gases.

Refinement Menu.png Refinement[edit | edit source]


"Use the resources you want, filter the ones you don't."

Refinement focuses on turning waste materials into useful ones.

Medicine Menu.png Medicine[edit | edit source]


"A cure for everrything but the common cold."

Medicine focuses on duplicant's health.

Furniture Menu.png Furniture[edit | edit source]


"Amenities to keep your Duplicants happy, comfy and efficient."

Furniture focuses on managing duplicant's stress.

Stations Menu.png Stations[edit | edit source]


"Unlock new technologies through the power of science!"

Stations focus on research.

Utilities Menu.png Utilities[edit | edit source]


"Heat up and cool down."

Buildings focused on heating or cooling.

Automation Icon.png Automation[edit | edit source]

"Automate your base with logic circuits and sensors."


Shipping Icon.png Shipping[edit | edit source]

"Effortlessly transport ore and solid materials around your base."

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