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Basic buildings only require the appropriate resources to be built and more advanced structures will require to be unlocked after the appropriate research at the Research Station and Super Computer.

List of buildings[edit | edit source]

Buildings are organized in the building menu according to their nature or main purpose, and are listed as follow:

Base Menu.png Base[edit | edit source]

"Maintain your colony's infrastructure with these homebase basics."

Basic buildings focused on increasing duplicant's mobility.



Fire Pole.png

Fire Pole

Plastic Ladder.png

Plastic Ladder



Airflow Tile.png

Airflow Tile

Mesh Tile.png

Mesh Tile

Insulated Tile.png

Insulated Tile

Plastic Tile.png

Plastic Tile

Metal Tile.png

Metal Tile

Window Tile.png

Window Tile

Bunker Tile.png

Bunker Tile

Pneumatic Door.png

Pneumatic Door

Manual Airlock.png

Manual Airlock

Mechanized Airlock.png

Mechanized Airlock

Bunker Door.png

Bunker Door

Storage Compactor.png

Storage Compactor

Smart Storage Compactor.png

Smart Storage Compactor

Liquid Reservoir.png

Liquid Reservoir

Gas Reservoir.png

Gas Reservoir

Transit Tube.png

Transit Tube

Transit Tube Access.png

Transit Tube Access

Transit Tube Crossing.png

Transit Tube Crossing

Oxygen Menu.png Oxygen[edit | edit source]

"Everything you need to keep your colony breathing."

Buildings focused on oxygen production, cleaning and converting.

Algae Deoxydizer.png

Algae Deoxydizer

Algae Terrarium.png

Algae Terrarium



Carbon Skimmer.png

Carbon Skimmer



Power Menu.png Power[edit | edit source]

"Need to power your colony? Here's how to do it!"

Buildings focused on power generation, storage, powering machines.

Manual Generator.png

Manual Generator

Coal Generator.png

Coal Generator

Hydrogen Generator.png

Hydrogen Generator

Natural Gas Generator.png

Natural Gas Generator

Petroleum Generator.png

Petroleum Generator

Steam Turbine.png

Steam Turbine

Solar Panel.png

Solar Panel



Wire Bridge.png

Wire Bridge

Heavi-Watt Wire.png

Heavi-Watt Wire

Heavi-Watt Joint Plate.png

Heavi-Watt Joint Plate

Conductive Wire.png

Conductive Wire

Conductive Wire Bridge.png

Conductive Wire Bridge

Heavi Conductive Wire.png

Heavi Conductive Wire

Heavi Conductive Joint Plate.png

Heavi Conductive Joint Plate

Tiny Battery.png

Tiny Battery



Smart Battery.png

Smart Battery

Small Power Transformer.png

Small Power Transformer

Power Transformer.png

Power Transformer

Power Switch.png

Power Switch

Power Shutoff.png

Power Shutoff

Food Menu.png Food[edit | edit source]

"Keep your Duplicant's spirits high and their bellies full."

Buildings focused on food production and storage.

Microbe Musher.png

Microbe Musher

Electric Grill.png

Electric Grill

Planter Box.png

Planter Box

Farm Tile.png

Farm Tile

Hydroponic Farm.png

Hydroponic Farm

Ration Box.png

Ration Box



Critter Drop-Off.png

Critter Drop-Off

Fish Release.png

Fish Release

Critter Feeder.png

Critter Feeder

Fish Feeder.png

Fish Feeder



Egg Cracker.png

Egg Cracker

Critter Trap.png

Critter Trap

Fish Trap.png

Fish Trap

Critter Lure.png

Critter Lure

Plumbing Menu.png Plumbing[edit | edit source]

"Get your water running and the sewage flowing."

Plumbing focuses on the duplicants hygiene and the movement of Liquids.







Pitcher Pump.png

Pitcher Pump

Bottle Emptier.png

Bottle Emptier

Liquid Pipe.png

Liquid Pipe

Insulated Liquid Pipe.png

Insulated Liquid Pipe

Radiant Liquid Pipe.png

Radiant Liquid Pipe

Liquid Bridge.png

Liquid Bridge

Liquid Pump.png

Liquid Pump

Mini Liquid Pump.png

Mini Liquid Pump

Liquid Vent.png

Liquid Vent

Liquid Filter.png

Liquid Filter

Liquid Valve.png

Liquid Valve

Liquid Shutoff.png

Liquid Shutoff

Liquid Pipe Element Sensor.png

Liquid Pipe Element Sensor

Liquid Pipe Germ Sensor.png

Liquid Pipe Germ Sensor

Liquid Pipe Thermo Sensor.png

Liquid Pipe Thermo Sensor

Ventilation Menu.png Ventilation[edit | edit source]

"Control the flow of gases in your base."

Ventilation focuses on the movement of Gases.

Gas Pipe.png

Gas Pipe

Insulated Gas Pipe.png

Insulated Gas Pipe

Radiant Gas Pipe.png

Radiant Gas Pipe

Gas Bridge.png

Gas Bridge

Gas Pump.png

Gas Pump

Mini Gas Pump.png

Mini Gas Pump

Gas Vent.png

Gas Vent

High Pressure Gas Vent.png

High Pressure Gas Vent

Gas Filter.png

Gas Filter

Gas Valve.png

Gas Valve

Gas Shutoff.png

Gas Shutoff

Canister Filler.png

Canister Filler

Canister Emptier.png

Canister Emptier

Gas Pipe Element Sensor.png

Gas Pipe Element Sensor

Gas Pipe Germ Sensor.png

Gas Pipe Germ Sensor

Gas Pipe Thermo Sensor.png

Gas Pipe Thermo Sensor

Refinement Menu.png Refinement[edit | edit source]

"Use the resources you want, filter the ones you don't."

Refinement focuses on turning waste materials into useful ones.



Water Sieve.png

Water Sieve

Fertilizer Synthesizer.png

Fertilizer Synthesizer

Algae Distiller.png

Algae Distiller

Rock Granulator.png

Rock Granulator



Metal Refinery.png

Metal Refinery

Glass Forge.png

Glass Forge

Oil Refinery.png

Oil Refinery

Polymer Press.png

Polymer Press

Oxylite Refinery.png

Oxylite Refinery

Molecular Forge.png

Molecular Forge

Medicine Menu.png Medicine[edit | edit source]

"A cure for everything but the common cold."

Medicine focuses on duplicant's health.

Wash Basin.png

Wash Basin



Hand Sanitizer.png

Hand Sanitizer



Med Bed.png

Med Bed

Pharma Chamber.png

Pharma Chamber

Massage Table.png

Massage Table

Tasteful Memorial.png

Tasteful Memorial

Furniture Menu.png Furniture[edit | edit source]

"Amenities to keep your Duplicants happy, comfy and efficient."

Furniture focuses on managing duplicant's stress.



Comfy Bed.png

Comfy Bed

Mess Table.png

Mess Table

Water Cooler.png

Water Cooler



Arcade Cabinet.png

Arcade Cabinet

Espresso Machine.png

Espresso Machine

Flower Pot.png

Flower Pot

Blank Canvas.png

Blank Canvas

Sculpting Block.png

Sculpting Block

Ice Block.png

Ice Block



Ceiling Light.png

Ceiling Light

Stations Menu.png Stations[edit | edit source]

"Unlock new technologies through the power of science!" Stations focus on research.

Research Station.png

Research Station

Super Computer.png

Super Computer

Virtual Planetarium.png

Virtual Planetarium



Power Control Station.png

Power Control Station

Farm Station.png

Farm Station

Grooming Station.png

Grooming Station

Shearing Station.png

Shearing Station

Jobs Board.png

Jobs Board

Textile Loom.png

Textile Loom

Exosuit Forge.png

Exosuit Forge

Exosuit Checkpoint.png

Exosuit Checkpoint

Exosuit Dock.png

Exosuit Dock

Jet Suit Checkpoint.png

Jet Suit Checkpoint

Jet Suit Dock.png

Jet Suit Dock

Space Cadet Centrifuge.png

Space Cadet Centrifuge

Utilities Menu.png Utilities[edit | edit source]

"Heat up and cool down."

Buildings focused on heating or cooling.

Space Heater.png

Space Heater

Liquid Tepidizer.png

Liquid Tepidizer



Thermo Regulator.png

Thermo Regulator

Thermo Aquatuner.png

Thermo Aquatuner

Ore Scrubber.png

Ore Scrubber

Oil Well.png

Oil Well

Tempshift Plate.png

Tempshift Plate



Automation Icon.png Automation[edit | edit source]

"Automate your base with logic circuits and sensors."

Automation Wire.png

Automation Wire

Automation Wire Bridge.png

Automation Wire Bridge

AND Gate.png

AND Gate

OR Gate.png

OR Gate

XOR Gate.png

XOR Gate

NOT Gate.png

NOT Gate

BUFFER Gate.png


FILTER Gate.png


Memory Toggle.png

Memory Toggle

Signal Switch.png

Signal Switch

Atmo Sensor.png

Atmo Sensor

Hydro Sensor.png

Hydro Sensor

Thermo Sensor.png

Thermo Sensor

Clock Sensor.png

Clock Sensor

Germ Sensor.png

Germ Sensor

Gaseous Element Sensor.png

Gaseous Element Sensor

Weight Plate.png

Weight Plate

Duplicant Checkpoint.png

Duplicant Checkpoint

Space Scanner.png

Space Scanner

Critter Sensor.png

Critter Sensor

Shipping Icon.png Shipping[edit | edit source]

"Effortlessly transport ore and solid materials around your base."



Conveyor Rail.png

Conveyor Rail

Conveyor Loader.png

Conveyor Loader

Conveyor Receptacle.png

Conveyor Receptacle

Conveyor Bridge.png

Conveyor Bridge



Rocketry Icon.png Rocketry[edit | edit source]




Steam Engine.png

Steam Engine

Petroleum Engine.png

Petroleum Engine

Solid Fuel Thruster

Liquid Fuel Tank

Oxidizer Tank

Cargo Bay.png

Cargo Bay

Gas Cargo Canister.png

Gas Cargo Canister

Liquid Cargo Tank.png

Liquid Cargo Tank

Command Capsule

Research Module

Biological Cargo Bay

Hydrogen Engine

Special buildings[edit | edit source]

Printing Pod.png

Printing Pod

Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier.png

Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier

Neural Vacillator.png

Neural Vacillator

Vending Machine.png

Vending Machine