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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (Automation Innovation Pack Update). It was last updated for the Recreation Pack Update.

Duplicant is the tiny, frustrating, but also endearing clone that the player manages in Oxygen Not Included. Each is generated or printed to be unique and has specific needs and vitals that must be fulfilled so they can survive. A new game begins with a selection dialog where the player has to select three randomly generated duplicants (or dupes). As the game progresses, the player may get more of them from the Printing Pod.

Duplicant Selection[edit | edit source]

The Duplicant selection dialog as it appears during the game.

New Game menu[edit | edit source]

At the start of the game, as the last step of the Game Settings, three duplicants are to be selected as the starting team. The player may reroll any duplicants any number of times. Players can also lock one interest per duplicant thus guaranteeing that the new duplicant will have at least the selected interest. The duplicant can be renamed in this menu.

Printing Pod menu[edit | edit source]

After the printing pod's cooldown timer is finished, which takes 3 Cycles, the printing pod will become ready, giving the opportunity to receive a new duplicant or a care package. Unlike the start of the game, the duplicants cannot be rerolled. If no duplicants are suitable for the colony, it is possible to reject the options. Exiting the dialogue will not reject the printing options and can be re-entered at a later time. The cooldown of the printing pod will not start until a duplicant has been selected or rejected.

Duplicants will spawn at the Printing Pod and then immediately pick up a job if there is one available, while items, food, and resources will drop in front of the printing pod.

Duplicant properties[edit | edit source]

Each duplicant has a number of properties and conditions such as strength or health. Duplicants weigh 30 kg.

Attributes[edit | edit source]

Each duplicant has 11 different attributes that can be leveled up by running related errands. The attributes define how effectively duplicants will perform those errands. From the start, each duplicant will usually have some attributes with a starting bonus influenced by their traits. A negative trait may lower a duplicant attribute or prevent them from performing a specific task.

Most attributes can be trained. The maximum level an attribute can be trained to is 20, trait modifiers are applied after the training levels.

A duplicant will start with all attributes at 0, with that number being modified by any traits and interests that they have. For instance, a duplicant with interests in Supplying and Tidying and the Buff trait, will have 9 strength and 0 in every other attribute.

The following attributes are available:

Name Description Bonus per level
Construction Duplicant's building speed +25% construction speed
Excavation Duplicant's mining speed +25% digging speed
+5% attack damage
Machinery How adeptly a duplicant uses machines +10% tinkering speed
Athletics Duplicant's movement speed +10% runspeed
Science How quickly a duplicant conducts research and gains skills +40% research speed
+10% skill leveling
Cuisine How quickly a duplicant cooks food +5% cooking speed
Creativity The speed and finesse with which a duplicant creates artwork +10% decorating speed
Strength Carrying capacity and combat ability +25% tidying speed
+40 kg carrying capacity*
Medicine Medical skill and how well a Duplicant works with peers and creatures +10% compound treatment speed,
+20% medical care speed
Agriculture How quickly and efficiently a Duplicant raises plants +5% farming speed
+2.6% tending speed
+3.3% seed chance
Husbandry How quickly and efficiently a Duplicant raises critters. +10% groom effect duration

* Duplicant's initial carrying capacity is 200 kg

Interests[edit | edit source]

Each duplicant will have between 1 and 3 interests. Interests reduce the morale requirements from learning associated Skills, raise the experience gain from associated activities (enabling skill points to be earned faster), and give direct bonuses to attributes. The bonus to related attribute depends on the number of interests – 3 interests give +1 to 3 attributes, 2 interests give +3 to 2 attributes and 1 interest gives +7 to one attribute. Note that certain interests, such as supplying and tidying, have the same corresponding attribute, so such dupe will get +6 to strength.

Art Build Cook Farm Dig Medicine
Operate Ranch Research Supply Tidy Suit Wearing

Traits[edit | edit source]

Inborn traits (traits duplicants start with) give bonuses or penalties to duplicants attributes. Negative traits may also make it impossible for a duplicant to perform certain jobs. Traits gained through certain jobs mainly allow for the duplicant to use certain stations and perform certain errands.

Positive traits[edit | edit source]

Name Description Skill Effect Skill Distribution Disabled Jobs Miscellaneous Effects
Twinkletoes This Duplicant is light as a feather on their feet +3 Athletics -3
No Taste This Duplicant's dull senses could barely tell the difference between Stuffed Berry and cardboard -2 Food Quality Perception +1
Gourmet This Duplicant has a highly refined palate. +3 Cooking -2 -1 Food Quality Perception
Buff This Duplicant has muscles on their muscles +3 Strength -3
Mole Hands They're great for tunneling, but finding gloves is a nightmare +3 Digging -3
Grease Monkey This Duplicant likes to throw a wrench into the colony's plans...in a good way +3 Tinkering -2
Quick Learner This Duplicant's sharp as a tack and learns new skills with amazing speed +3 Learning -3
Interior Decorator 'Move it a little to the left...' +3 Creativity -2 -5 Decor Perception
Caregiver This Duplicant has good bedside manner and a healing touch +3 Medicine -2
Early Bird This Duplicant wakes up feeling fresh and efficient! +2 All Skills -2 Only active for the first 125 s of the day.
Night Owl This Duplicant does their best work when they ought to be sleeping +3 All Skills -2 Only active at night (must use Red Alert or a special schedule)
Uncultured This Duplicant has simply no appreciation for the arts -2 Art -20 Decor Expectation
Diver's Lungs This Duplicant could have been a talented opera singer in another life -2 -25 g/s Oxygen Consumption Rate (-25%)
Iron Gut This Duplicant can eat just about anything without getting sick -2 Immune to Food Poisoning
Germ Resistant This Duplicant's immune system bounces back faster than most -2 Increases germ resistance by 50%

Negative traits[edit | edit source]

Name Description Skill Effect Skill Distribution Disabled Jobs Miscellaneous Effects
Anemic This Duplicant has trouble keeping up with others -5 Athletics +2
Noodle Arms This Duplicant's arms have all the tensile strength of an overcooked linguine -3 Strength +2
Slow Learner This Duplicant's a little slow on the uptake, but gosh do they try -3 Learning +2
Gastrophobia This Duplicant has a deep-seated distrust of the culinary arts +3 Cook
Pacifist This Duplicant abhors violence +2 Combat
Squeamish This Duplicant is of delicate disposition and cannot tend to the sick +3 Aid
Trypophobia This Duplicant's fear of holes makes it impossible for them to dig +3 Dig
Unconstructive This Duplicant is incapable of building even the most basic of structures +3 Build
Yokel This Duplicant isn't the brightest star in the solar system +3 Research
Irritable Bowel This Duplicant needs a little extra time to 'do their business' +2 -50% Toilet Speed
Small Bladder This Duplicant has a tiny, pea-sized bladder. Adorable! +2 Doubled bladder fill speed
Biohazardous All the vitamin C in space can't stop this Duplicant from getting sick +2 Decreases germ resistance by 50%
Bottomless Stomach This Duplicant might actually be several black holes in a trench coat +2 +500 kcal needed per day
Mouth Breather This Duplicant sucks up way more than their fair share of Oxygen +2 +100 g/s Oxygen Consumed
Narcoleptic This Duplicant can and will fall asleep anytime, anyplace +3 Falls asleep every 300-600 s, for 15-30 s (average of 30 s per cycle)
Loud Sleeper In space, everyone can hear you snore +2 Wakes up duplicants within 3 tiles when sleeping, causing interrupted sleep. Can sleep in light.
Flatulent Some Duplicants are just full of it +2 Emits 100 g of Natural Gas every 10-40 s (average 4 g/s)

Note that narcoleptic sleep can be interrupted by giving the Duplicant a movement command.

Also note that changes to skill distribution via traits has no effect on the maximum attribute level learnable, which is +20 not counting attribute or job modifiers.

Properties[edit | edit source]

Properties are aspects of Duplicants that aren't leveled and can't be intrinsically changed (as opposed to Skills). However, many Properties have positive and negative Traits associated with them.

Property Base Value Positive Trait Negative Trait
Oxygen Consumption 100 g/s Diver's Lungs (-25 g/s)
Deeper Diver's Lungs (-50 g/s)
Mouthbreather (+100 g/s)
Carbon Dioxide Production 2 g/s Diver's Lungs (-500 mg/s)
Deeper Diver's Lungs (-1 g/s)
Mouthbreather (+2 g/s)
Calorie Consumption 1000 kcal/Cycle None Bottomless Stomach (+500 kcal/Cycle)
Bladder Rate 100% per Cycle None Small Bladder (+100% per Cycle)
Toilet Speed 100% None Irritable Bowel (-50%)

Morale[edit | edit source]

Morale has an impact on how much Stress is incurred or reduced and is affected by several factors. Generally, there are very few Morale Penalties.

Required Morale depends on the amount of training a Duplicant has had. The more jobs they have been trained in, the greater the Morale they require to stave off stress. Advanced job skills increase the Morale requirement more than basic job skills do.

Duplicants have a perception of Decor and Food. The higher the average Decor during the last cycle and the higher the Food Quality, the higher the Morale Boost will be. Morale penalties will be incurred if below the individual's perception.

Without a modifier, the Morale from Food ranges from -1 to +16 or is modified 0 to +16 with the Simple Tastes trait and -1 to +12 with Foodie. Duplicants will start eating in their downtime when below 3.300 kcal and has the highest priority.

Normal Decor Perception is at 0, exceeding it can yield up to +12 Morale when reaching 120 difference and failing to will decrease Morale by -1. The Morale Boost is not linear.

Using rooms, having downtime and interacting with certain buildings will confer a Morale Boost. Duplicants will use certain furniture only if they do not yet have the Morale Boost and they do so in the order of the most possible Morale gained.

Depending on duplicant's Interests, the highest Morale achievable is 94-105. The lowest is -1.

Name Morale Requirement Duration (cycle) Note
[...] Meal -1 to +16 Eat 1.1 Depends on the Food Quality and Perception, needs less than 3300 kcal, highest priority
[...] Decor -1 to +12 Automatically recorded 1.1 Depends on average Decor of the last cycle and Decor Perception, 120 points above Perception gives the most points. Not linear.
Comfortable Barracks +1 Sleep in Barracks 1.1 Does not stack with Comfortable Bedroom
Comfortable Bedroom +2 Sleep in a Bedroom 1.1 Does not stack with Comfortable Barracks
Nice Bathroom +1 Use Toilet in a Latrine 1.1 Does not stack with Plumbed Bathroom
Plumbed Bathroom +2 Use Toilet in a Washroom 1.1 Does not stack with Nice Bathroom
Showered +3 Use a Shower 0.83
Mess Hall +3 Eat in a Mess Hall 1.1 Does not stack with Great Hall
Great Hall +6 Eat in a Great Hall 1.1 Does not stack with Mess Hall
Park +3 Pass through a Park 0.4 Does not stack with Nature Reserve
Nature Reserve +6 Pass through a Nature Reserve 0.4 Does not stack with Park
Socialized +1 Use a Water Cooler 1.1 Requires 1 kg of Water
Recently Danced +2 Use a Jukebot 3.95 Requires Power
Played Video Games +2 Play on an Arcade 3.95 Requires lots of Power
Had an Espresso +4 Use Espresso Machine 0.75 Requires Power, 1 kg of water and 1 kg Pincha Peppernut. Also provides +1 to athletics attribute.
Salted Food +1 Eat food with Table Salt 1.2 Eat a meal from a Mess Table that has Table Salt
Downtime 0 to +4 Have downtime on schedule 1.1 Bonus starts at 0 at 1 hour downtime and increases passive moral bonus by 1 for every hour added on downtime each cycle.
New Hope +1 First 3 Duplicants only 3 Lasts only for 3 cycles and can not be redeemed by any means
Duplicant +1 Be a duplicant How not to be is a mystery
Wind Swept +5 Use Vertical Wind Tunnel. Consumes a lot of power.
Steam powered +2 Use Sauna. Requires steam.
Soda Filled +4 Use Soda Fountain. 1.2 Also provides +1 to science attribute.
Drank Juice +4 Use Juicer. Also provides +1 strength attribute.
Passably Relaxed +5 Use Beach Chair. 11.96 Requires insufficient light.
Sun kissed +8 Use Beach Chair. 11.96 Requires sufficient light.
Stoked +2 Use Mechanical Surfboard. Also get Soggy Feet.
Hot Tubbed +5 Use Hot Tub. Requires water above 37.7°C and bleach stone.
Visited Space +5 Use Sight-Seeing Module. 10 Become overjoyed and +3 to all stats.

Stress Responses[edit | edit source]

Each Duplicant has a different stress response. These responses trigger at 60% and 100% stress (stress is reduced after the 100% response). All responses stop the current job in order to perform the response. These responses cannot be stopped by Red Alert or commanding the Duplicant to move.

Name Description Response
Vomiter This Duplicant is liable to puke everywhere when stressed Vomits on the floor, producing 200 g/s Polluted Water
Destructive This Duplicant will take out their frustrations on defenseless machines when stressed Damages nearby equipment and tiles, cannot repair buildings above 60% stress
Binge Eater This Duplicant will dangerously overeat when stressed Eats 2000 kcals of food 3 times before returning to 60% stress. Decrease decor by -30 in a 3 tile radius while doing so.
Ugly Crier If this Duplicant gets too stressed it won't be pretty Sits on the floor and cries, producing 40 g/s Water, reducing Decor by 30

Overjoyed Responses[edit | edit source]

Overjoyed responses are positive effects that can occur when the morale of a duplicant is higher than necessary for their job requirements. Morale is checked when a duplicant finishes sleeping. If morale exceeds morale expectation by over 8 points, there is a 2% chance the duplicant will awaken with an overjoyed response. This probability rises linearly with morale up to a maximum of 5% chance with 20 excess morale.

Name Description Response
Balloon Artist This duplicant hands out ballons when overjoyed. Dupes receiving a balloon gain +8 Creativity, Science, Cuisine, Medicine, Agriculture and Husbandry for 2 cycles ("Balloon Buddy" state).
Sparkle Streaker This duplicant leaves a trail of happy sparks when they are overjoyed. Athletics +8. Gives athletics +5 to nearby dupes for 1 cycle ("Sparkle Flattered" state).
Super Productive This duplicant is super productive when they are overjoyed. Duplicant has a 10% chance to skip working and complete a chore instantly. The chore must have a progress bar that lasts longer than 1 second to be skippable.
Sticker Bomber This duplicant will spontaneously redecorate a room when overjoyed. Decor +20 (Radius: 3 tiles). For each Sticker Bomb

Needs[edit | edit source]

Need Description
  • Gain 0.9%/s in breathable conditions, lose 0.9%/s in unbreathable
  • Interrupt activity at 72.72% (after 30 seconds)
  • Suffocation warning occurs at 45.45% (after 60 seconds)
  • Death at 0% (after 110 seconds)
  • -70%/cycle base value
  • +900%/cycle if sleeping
  • +100%/cycle if sleeping in a Cot
  • +100%/cycle if sleeping in Barracks (A room)
  • Collapses from exhaustion at 0% and normally sleeps until 50%
  • Maximum of 4000 kcal, get hungry at 2000 kcal, die at 0 kcal
  • By default, eat a maximum of 1500 kcal per cycle; need 1000 kcal per cycle
  • Becoming hungry interrupts sleep
  • Will eat during recreation when below 3300 kcal
  • +100% per cycle
  • Will use a toilet when at 100% during work or 40%+ during recreation
  • An accident will happen when they are unable to relieve themselves
Body Temperature
  • Healthy temperature is 37 °C (98.6 °F)
  • Feels cold at 34 °C (93.2 °F), hot at 40 °C (104 °F)
  • Experience Hypothermia below 32 °C (89.6 °F) or Heat Stroke above 42 °C (107.6 °F)

Ownership[edit | edit source]

Individual duplicants can have ownership of certain structures: Cots, Comfy Bed, Mess Tables, Massage Tables, Med Beds, Lavatory and Pharma Chambers. Each Duplicant can only be assigned to one, and they can be reassigned by the player at any time. They will automatically select them for themselves if left unassigned, or the duplicant becomes sick.

Emotions[edit | edit source]

Duplicants occasionally express emotions or reactions to things around them. This indicates their status in ways that the player can keep track of.

Icon Description Icon Description
I am happy I am happy I am angry I am angry
I am enraged I am enraged I am unhappy I am unhappy
I am sleepy I am sleepy I am sick I am sick
I am hungry I am hungry I can not breathe I can not breathe
I am cold I am cold I am hot I am hot
I need the toilet I need the toilet I like/hate the decor I like/hate better decor
Something smells bad! Something smells bad! I am binge eating I am binge eating
I am crying I am crying I feel destructive I feel destructive
Loud noises It's too loud! I am stressed I am stressed
I am vomiting I am vomiting This is yuck This is disgusting!

Established Duplicants[edit | edit source]

Duplicants have an assigned name, appearance, stress response and description (attributes, traits, and interests are still randomly generated). Changing the name of a Duplicant will alter the description as appropriate but will not change the appearance of the Dupe.

Almost every possible duplicant can appear when creating a new game, except for Ari, Mae, Ada, Meep, Liam and Banhi, who can only be spawned from the Printing Pod after the start.

Currently Available*
Name Gender Appearance Description Stress Response Joy Responce
Abe M Abe Abes are sweet, delicate flowers. They need to be treated gingerly, with great consideration for their feelings. Ugly Crier Balloon Artist
Ada F Ada Adas enjoy writing poetry in their downtime. Dark poetry. Vomiter Balloon Artist
Ari X Ari Aris tend to space out from time to time, but they always pay attention when it counts. Ugly Crier Sticker Bomber
Ashkan M Ashkan Ashkans have what can only be described as a seriously infectious giggle. Binge Eater Sparkle Streaker
Banhi F Banhi The cool loner vibes that radiate off a Banhi never fail to make the colony swoon. Destructive Super Productive
Bubbles F Bubbles This Bubbles is constantly challenging others to fight her, regardless of whether or not she can actually take them. Binge Eater Sticker Bomber
Burt M Burt This Burt always feels great after a bubble bath and a good long cry. Binge Eater Sticker Bomber
Camille F Camille.png This Camille loves anything that makes her feel nostalgic, including things that haven't aged well. Vomiter Sticker Bomber
Catalina F Catalina A Catalina is admired by all for her seemingly tireless work ethic. Little do people know, she’s dying on the inside. Vomiter Super Productive
Devon X Devon This Devon dreams of owning their own personal computer so they can start a blog full of pictures of toast. Binge Eater Super Productive
Ellie F Ellie Nothing makes an Ellie happier than a big tin of glitter and a pack of unicorn stickers. Destructive Sticker Bomber
Frankie X Frankie There’s nothing Frankies are more proud of than their thick, dignified eyebrows. Destructive Sparkle Streaker
Gossmann F Gossman Gossmanns are major goofballs who can make anyone laugh. Vomiter Balloon Artist
Harold M Harold If you get a bunch of Harolds in a room... you’ll get a bunch of Harolds in a room. Binge Eater Balloon Artist
Hassan M Hassan If someone says something nice to a Hassan he’ll think about it nonstop for no less than three weeks. Ugly Crier Balloon Artist
Jean X Jean Just because Jeans are a little slow doesn't mean they can't suffer from soul-crushing existential crises. Destructive Sparkle Streaker
Joshua M Joshua Joshuas are precious goobers. Other duplicants are strangely incapable of cursing in a Joshua’s presence. Ugly Crier Sticker Bomber
Leira F Leira Leiras just want everyone to be happy. Binge Eater Sparkle Streaker
Liam M Liam No matter how much this Liam scrubs, he can never truly feel clean. Vomiter Super Productive
Lindsay F Lindsay A Lindsay is a charming, delightful woman, unless you make the mistake of messing with one of her friends. Ugly Crier Sticker Bomber
Mae F Mae There's nothing a Mae can't do if she sets her mind to it. Vomiter Super Productive
Marie F Marie This Marie is positively glowing! What’s her secret? Radioactive isotopes, of course. Ugly Crier Sparkle Streaker
Max M Max At any given moment a Max is viscerally reliving ten different humiliating memories. Ugly Crier Balloon Artist
Meep M Meep Meeps have a face only a two tonne Printing Pod could love. Destructive Sparkle Streaker
Mi-Ma F Mi-Ma Ol' Mi-Ma here can't stand lookin' at people's knees. Vomiter Super Productive
Nails X Nails People often expect a duplicant named Nails to be tough, but they're all pretty huge wimps. Ugly Crier Balloon Artist
Nikola M Nikola This Nikola once claimed he could build a laser so powerful it would rip the colony in half. No one asked him to prove it. Destructive Super Productive
Nisbet F Nisbet This Nisbet likes to punch people to show her affection. Everyone’s too afraid of her to tell her it hurts. Destructive Super Productive
Otto X Otto Ottos always insult people by accident and generally exist in a perpetual state of deep regret. Vomiter Balloon Artist
Ren M Ren Every Ren has this unshakable feeling that his life’s already happened and he’s just watching it unfold from a memory. Vomiter Balloon Artist
Rowan M Rowan Rowans have exceptionally large hearts and express their emotions most efficiently by yelling. Binge Eater Sticker Bomber
Ruby X Ruby This Ruby asks the pressing questions, like Where can I get a leather jacket in space? Binge Eater Sticker Bomber
Stinky M Stinky This Stinky has never been invited to a party, which is a shame...his dance moves are incredible. Vomiter Balloon Artist
Travaldo M Travaldo A Travaldo's monotonous voice and lack of facial expression makes it impossible for others to tell when he's messing with them. Vomiter Balloon Artist
Turner X Turner This Turner is paralyzed by the knowledge that others have memories and perceptions of them they can't control. Binge Eater Sparkle Streaker
Previously Available
Name Appearance Description
Archibald Archibald The colony is convinced that this Archibald was some sort of fancy monarch in a past life.
Bea Bea A little ray of sunshine in a bleak world, Beas loves(sic) people who love her right back.
Bertie Bertie This Bertie is convinced she can remember bits of her past prints. Everyone else is convinced she's making it up.
Bertrand Bertrand This Bertrand always feels great after a bubble bath and a good long cry.
Brady Brady Bradys are pretty cool when they can manage to suppress their natural narcissism.
Braynen Braynen This Braynen is severely disappointed by the colony's lack of cute, pudgy birds.
Casper Casper This Casper can't wait to die, so their poetry can be appreciated posthumously.
Cass Cass This Cass is painfully aware that she spits when she talks. She avoids joining in on most conversations because of it.
Cecil Cecil There's a technical term for a Cecil's personality...dweeb.
Chuanli Chuanli A Chuanli's one dream is to shed their mortal coil and cut off all of time and space. It shouldn't be too much to ask.
Dan Dan Every Dan has this unshakable feeling that his life’s already happened and he’s just watching it as if in a movie.
Dorris Dorris This Dorris wakes up every day of her life with an urge to clip coupons for stores that don't exist.
Eleanor Eleanor A severe climate requires a severe woman. This Eleanor is that woman.
Elvira Elvira This Elvira can't remember a time when she wasn't blanketed in the cold embrace of darkness.
Elvis Elvis Every Elvis is convinced he was printed in the wrong generation...and on the wrong celestial body.
Ernestine Ernestine This Ernestine has one stubborn hair on her chin that plucking never seems to deter. It's okay though, she's growing attached to it.
Eugene Eugene Once you get a Eugene talking, it's impossible to get them to stop. Chitchat at your own risk.
Floyd Floyd Floyds have a theory that no matter what time it is, it's always actually 3AM.
Gabriel Gabriel Gabriels are spoiled rotten, but at least they have great hair.
Grub Grub Grubs think plants are neat.
Grungy Grungy A Grungy deeply relishes the feeling of dirt beneath her nails.
Gus Gus This Gus just wants everyone to be happy.
Hideki Hideki This Hideki is consumed by a deep, soulful weariness that no amount of sleep could possibly vanquish.
Horatio Horatio Horatios always feel as if someone is staring at them, although people rarely are.
Howard Howard A Howard’s monotonous voice and lack of facial expression make it impossible for others to tell when he’s messing with them.
Hugh Hugh A Hugh is truly a man stuck in the past. And in a space colony.
Isamu Isamu This Isamu traps people in long conversations about her novel, but she's never once sat down to actually write it.
Jack Jack A lifetime of running from his responsibilities has made this Jack emotionally impenetrable.
Jasper Jasper Jaspers just want to dance.
Josie Josie A Josie is admired by all for her seemingly tireless work ethic. Little do people know, she's dying on the inside.
Leah Leah There's nothing Leahs are more proud of than their thick, dignified eyebrows.
Lenny Lenny Dirt's great. Space's great. Everything's great, according to Lennys.
Longwei Longwei This Longwei picks his nose when he thinks no one's watching. Thankfully, he never eats it.
Maha Maha Mahas always snort when they laugh. It's the worst.
McNair McNair All of space is brightened by a McNair's dazzling smile.
Ming-Mei Ming-Mei One time a Ming-Mei declared herself mayor of the colony for a whole week and no one even questioned it.
Mamoru Mamoru The cool loner vibes that radiate of a Mamoru never fail to make the colony swoon.
Metrodora Metrodora Metrodoras love watching old black and white films, especially if they have robots in them.
Moon Moon A Moon's monotonous voice and lack of facial expression make it impossible for others to tell when she's messing with them.
Mozzarella Mozzarella World...too...bright...
Mystique Mystique Mystiques defy all labels.
Nadia Nadia The burden of living is just too much for some people. Like this Nadia, for instance.
Neil Neil Neils generally like to wear strange and unusual hats to compensate for their total lack of personality.
Nori Nori Get a bunch of Noris together in a room, and you'll have...a bunch of Noris together in a room.
Olive Olive This Olive feels like there's an emotional wall between themself(sic) and the world that their multitool just can't penetrate.
Pam Pam No one ever asks for a Pam's bad opinions, but she's always happy to offer them anyway.
Pierre Pierre Big softies with a tendency to nag, Pierres sometimes feel like the mothers the other duplicants never had.
Price Price This Price once had dreams of becoming a doctor, but sadly, he's averse to the sight of blood.
Quincy Quincy At any given moment, a Quincy is viscerally reliving ten different humiliating memories.
Ralph Ralph Everyone feels slightly more irritable after having spent time with a Ralph.
Red Red Reds are completely incapable of distinguishing between positive and negative attention, much to the colony's dismay.
Rosalind Rosalind Sometimes this Rosalind feels like she'd have to keel over for people to notice her.
Sadie Sadie This Sadie never clips her fingernails. The unchecked growth is starting to get a little unsettling.
Seth Seth Sometimes the colony sends Seths on fake spelunking jobs just to get some peace and quiet.
Shannon Shannon Some have described Shannons as paranoid. They prefer the term prepared.
Spike Spike Spikes detest small spaces. You can imagine how they feel about the colony.
Stacy Stacy A Stacy can somehow talk for hours and say absolutely nothing. It's a feat to behold!
Suki Suki Sukis have grins like sharks and stares to pierce through your soul.
Sybil Sybil Sybils always get what they want...even when they shouldn't.
Tilly Tilly Tillys like to frequently and loudly remind everyone of the pointlessness of existence.
Vernon Vernon The colony's managed to convince this Vernon he's totally and completely unique. It's hilarious!
Virgil Virgil Virgils are overcome with childlike wonder at the infinite nature of the universe.
Will Will Wills have great hair and are always about ten seconds away from starving to death.
Woodrow Woodrow Woodrows are exceptionally bad at reading social cues and never know when to stop talking.
Yvette Yvette A Yvette's every waking moment is plagued by her terrible genetic curse...a horrifyingly acute sense of smell.
Zeke Zeke A Zeke's snobby exterior is a defense to protect the kind, mushy heart that lurks within.

* As of build RP-380770

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