Fire Pole

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Fire Pole
Allows rapid Duplicant descent. Significantly slows upward climbing.
Fire Pole.png
Fire poles provide quick downward travel, while ladders provide better upward movement.
Unlocked By
Refined Objects
1w x 1h
Power Consumption
{{{power}}} W
Decor Value
-5 (2 tile radius)
Noise Pollution
Heat Production
{{{heat}}} W
Runspeed: +-75%
Metal.png 100 kg

Fire Poles function similarly to Ladders, the only difference being that downward movement is 75% faster while upward movement is 75% slower. If a ladder and fire pole are both available to reach an area, a Duplicant will prioritize using the pole to descend and prioritize the ladder to ascend.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Placing Fire Poles beside Ladders can greatly increase movement efficiency throughout your base.
  • Fire poles made from Wolframite greatly conduct heat through it can be used to cool/heat portions of your base
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