Grooming Station

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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (Quality of Life Upgrade MK III). It was last updated for the Quality of Life Upgrade MK II.

Grooming Station
Allows the assigned Rancher to care for critters.
Assigned Duplicants must possess the Critter Wrangling trait.
This building is a necessary component of the Stable room.
Grooming Station.png
Grooming critters make them look nice, smell pretty, feel happy, and produce more.
Unlocked By
Ranching (Research)
2x3 (Width x Height)
Power Power
{{{power}}} W
Temperature Heat
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Decor Decor
Noise Pollution
Freeze Temperature
{{{freeze}}} °C
Overheat Temperature
{{{overheat}}} °C
Dedicated Room: Stable
Automation: Enable/Disable
Auto Inputs
Auto Outputs
Metal.png 400 kg

The Grooming Station is the primary structure necessary to create a Stable, the room seemingly helpful for maintaining and breeding critters in your colony; it can only be used by a duplicant with the Rancher job. Grooming is the means for taming most wild critters: grooming a wild critter two days in a row will tame it, after which it will stay tamed. Grooming also keeps tamed critters happy so that they'll continue laying eggs.