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This article is considered accurate for the current version (Launch Update).

(H) Hydrogen is the universe's most common and atomically light element in a Gaseous state.
Chemical Symbol
Melting point
Condensation point
-252.15 °C  → Liquid Hydrogen
Freezing point
Vaporization point
0 (Very Soft)
Specific Heat Capacity
2.400 (DTU/g)/°C
Thermal Conductivity
0.168 (DTU/(m*s))/°C
Light Absorption
10 %
Flammable, Gas, Unbreathable Gas
Overheat Temperature

Hydrogen is one of the Resources in the game Oxygen Not Included. It is a unbreathable Gas that is extremely light and will rise above all other gases. This means that it will settle at the top of rooms and other open areas.

Hydrogen can easily be density-separated with a reverse funnel at the top of your base, and collected with a pump when levels get too high.

Sources[edit | edit source]

Uses[edit | edit source]

In the current build of the game, Hydrogen has two main uses. It can be burned in the Hydrogen Generator to produce 800W of power, or it can be stockpiled and utilized as heat transfer agent due to its high thermal conductivity.

Burning[edit | edit source]

If your map was lucky enough to spawn a Hydrogen Vent, simply hooking up a Gas Pump, and pumping its output into the Hydrogen Generators will provide some bonus energy. However, geysers have certain times when they do not produce anything, so your power room might fall temporarily dormant along with the Geyser. It can be solved with a big battery array (more power loss), or by stockpiling and rationing hydrogen (less power loss).

If the only renewable source of Hydrogen is Electrolyzer, using the Hydrogen Generator as a dedicated power supply will not last long and will eventually lead to Oxygen overproduction, which can hard to handle without expanding Duplicant count, which in turn will put strain on other systems, or just venting Oxygen into space (or space).

Thus the best use of a Hydrogen Generator in combination with an Electrolyzer is an oxygen production setup that requires very little external power input. And, once properly balanced (by limiting pumps/generator energy, and ensuing reliable supply of hydrogen to the generator), can produce some excess Hydrogen or power.

Cooling[edit | edit source]

Hydrogen can be used to power the Anti Entropy Thermo-Nullifier, which produces -80 kDTU/s at the cost of only 10g/s of Hydrogen. Venting extra hydrogen into the cold biome and then back, or using natural convection, will quickly cool your base.

Locking Wheezeworts in a room with a Hydrogen atmosphere, increases their cooling efficiency.

Thermo Regulators can be put in the same room, it will prevent them from overheating, while they are used to cool other gases in your base (like your oxygen).

More power-efficient setup, that generates consistent, controlled temperature, will include Mechanized Airlock paired with Thermo Sensor and oil/metal buffer.

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