Meteor Shower

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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (Automation Innovation Pack Update). It was last updated for the Launch Update.
Meteor Shower.gif
Some meteors falling.

Meteor Shower is a regular event that happens in the Space Biome. Space Scanners can be used to detect incoming meteor showers before they begin.

All Meteors falling also produce a lot of Carbon Dioxide, it can be harvested, but practicality is dubious.

Meteor Seasons[edit | edit source]

Meteors fall in a set pattern and range, which set the time where meteors do not fall and where they do, as well as the meteor fall frequency and with which chance a certain type falls.

The season with no showers at all last 4 cycles (2400 seconds) and is between each Meteor Season. There are three meteor seasons and they are in order: Iron → Copper → Gold. Once the Season for Gold ends, there is a season with no showers and it is back to Iron again. So:

  1. No Meteors
  2. Iron Meteors
  3. No Meteors
  4. Copper Meteors
  5. No Meteors
  6. Gold Meteors
  7. Back to 1.

Season Parameters[edit | edit source]

Season Cycles Calm Periods
Meteor Fall
No Meteors 4 0/120 0/120 0/120
Iron Meteors 10 300-1200 100-400 1-1.5 15/120 30/120 75/120
Copper Meteors 7 300-1200 100-400 4-6.5 60/120 60/120 0/120
Gold Meteors 5 800-1200 50-100 0.3-0.5 32/120 8/120 80/120

Types of meteors[edit | edit source]

Image Name Contents Description
Dust Comet.gif Dust Meteor Nothing The weakest, smallest, and most common meteors.

They still can cause damage. Do not appear during copper season.

Iron Comet.gif Metal Meteor 3-20 kg of IronIron / Copper OreCopper Ore / Gold AmalgamGold Amalgam @240°C - 420°C Their content depends on season.

Metal Meteors hit the hardest and will destroy tiles.

Rock Comet.gif Rock Meteor 4.8-7.2 t of RegolithRegolith @240°C - 420°C The largest meteor.

Does not destroy tiles.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • ONI Meteors are technically Meteorites since they hit the asteroid instead of vaporizing, yet they are also referred to as Comets in the game's innards (sandbox mode and code).

External useful information[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

  • LU-357226: Added two new meteor showers, one with Copper meteors, and one with Gold Amalgam meteors.