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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (Automation Innovation Pack Update). It was last updated for the Launch Update.
Improves Duplicant Morale and removes surface Germs.
Regularly showering will prevent Duplicants spreading germs to the things they touch.
2w x 4h
Plumbing Menu.png Plumbing
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+250 DTU/s
{{{overheat}}} °C
Freeze at
{{{freeze}}} °C
+10 (Radius: 2 tiles)
Noise Pollution
Water Intake
Polluted Water Output
Water: -1 kg/s for 30 s
Storage Capacity
Water 5 kg
Polluted Water 10 kg
Polluted Water: 1 kg/s for 30 s
Cures: Soggy Feet and Sopping Wet effects
Morale +3
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Metal.png 400 kg
MetalRefined.png {{{cost-metal}}} kg
Steel.png {{{cost-steel}}} kg
Plastic.png {{{cost-plastic}}} kg
Soil.png {{{cost-soil}}} kg
Buildable.png {{{cost-buildable}}} kg
Plumbable.png {{{cost-plumbable}}} kg
Buildable.png {{{cost-manufactured}}} kg
Glass.png {{{cost-glass}}} kg
Glass.png {{{cost-transparent}}} kg

Shower is a building that provides +3 Morale bonus. Showers take 30 seconds to operate during which they consume 1 kg of Water and produce 1 kg of Polluted Water per second.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Duplicants will shower during the "Bathtime" schedule blocks. Showering removes the Soggy Feet and Sopping Wet debuff and adds +3 Morale to Duplicants.

Duplicants are unaffected by the temperature of the water regardless of how hot or cold it is, as long as the water is liquid (otherwise it will burst the pipe). The presence of germs in the water does not affect the showers ability. The Polluted Water produced by the shower is the same temperature as the input water.

Showers take 30 seconds to complete their cycle. They consume 1 kg of water and produce 1 kg of polluted water per second during operation.

Recirculating Sinks and Showers[edit | edit source]

Both Sinks and Showers produce the same amount of Polluted Water for the amount of Water they consume. This means that you can simply pipe the output of a shower to a Water Sieve then connect the output of the sieve back to the input of the shower and it will run forever without needing any additional water beyond the water trapped in the pipe loop. The loop needs to be initially primed using a liquid pump first, then the pump can be disconnected once the clean water side is full.

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History[edit | edit source]

  • Until the Rocketry Upgrade, showers were largely pointless since Sinks are faster for removing germs and the "Grimy" effect doesn't matter. After the Rocketry Upgrade, showers grant a temporary +3 Morale bonus.