Sleet Wheat

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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (Automation Innovation Pack Update). It was last updated for the Launch Update.
Sleet Wheat
Sleet Wheat.png
Sleet Wheat produces Sleet Wheat Grain, a chilly grain that can be processed into food.
Sleet Wheat Grain.png Sleet Wheat Grain
Seed Chance
18 Sleet Wheat Grain.png Sleet Wheat Grain
Growth Speed
18/72 cycles
-55 ↔ 5 °C
150 grams
↔ 10,000 grams
No effect
Water 20 kg/cycle
Dirt 5 kg/cycle
Plant Height
1 tile
15 (Radius: 2 tiles)
Can be planted in:

Planter Box Farm TileHydroponic Farm

Sleet Wheat is a cold dwelling plant found in the Frozen Biome; it produces Sleet Wheat Grain. Sleet Wheat Grain is both a food item and the seed for planting more Sleet Wheat. Sleet Wheat is very slow to mature, at 18 cycles, and combined with the temperature requirements, the colony needs to have a well established infrastructure before it can be effectively farmed.

Sleet Wheat Grain is needed to make Frost Buns (and thus Frost Burgers), Pepper Bread, and Berry Sludge.

The plant is notable for its unusual seed mechanics: Sleet Wheat Grain is both the product and the seed.

Food[edit | edit source]

It produces 18 Sleet Wheat Grains per harvest which can be processed into Frost Bun at an Electric Grill, Pepper Bread at a Gas Range, or Berry Sludge at a Microbe Musher.

Frost Bun provides 1200 kcals and requires 3 Sleet Wheat Grains.

  • (1200 kcals / 3 Sleet Wheat Grains) * (18 Sleet Wheat Grains / 18 cycles) / 1 plant = 400 kcals / cycle / plant
  • A Duplicant requires ~1000 kcals per cycle. So you need 1000/400 = 2.5 plants per dupe.

Berry Sludge provides 4000 kcals and requires 5 Sleet Wheat Grains. It improves food quality to Good(+3) with additional requirement of Bristle Blossom to be planted. Since 1600kcal (1 berry) of Bristle Berry is required, it's net caloric gain is 2400kcal

  • (2400 kcals / 5 Sleet Wheat Grains) * (18 Sleet Wheat Grains / 18 cycles) / 1 plant = 480 kcals / cycle / plant
  • 1 Bristle Berry / 6 cycles * 6 plants and 18 Sleet Wheat Grains / 18 cycles * 5 plants allows for the production of 18 berry sludge per 18 cycles.

So you need 1000/480 = 1.25 plants per dupe. Since Bristle Berry is also necessary at a 6:5 ratio, you will also need 1.25*1.2 = 1.5 Bristle Berry plants per dupe.

Pepper Bread provides 4000 kcals and requires 10 Sleet Wheat Grains. It improves food quality to Superb(+5) with additional requirement of Pincha Pepper to be planted.

  • (4000 kcals / 10 Sleet Wheat Grains) * (18 Sleet Wheat Grains / 18 cycles) / 1 plant = 400 kcals / cycle / plant
  • So you need 1000/400 = 2.5 plants per dupe.

Frost Burger provides 6000 kcals and requires 1200 kcals of Frost Bun. It improves food quality to Ambrosial(+6) with additional requirement of Waterweed to be planted.

  • (6000 kcals / 3 Sleet Wheat Grains) * (18 Sleet Wheat Grains / 18 cycles) / 1 plant = 2000 kcals / cycle / plant
  • So you need 1000/2000 = 0.5 plants per dupe.

Growth[edit | edit source]

An immature Sleet Wheat Plant, with Sleet Wheat Grain (its product and seed) next to it.

A Sleet Wheat requires temperature range of -55 °C ↔ 5 °C, and air pressure of 150 g ↔ 10 kg. It requires atmosphere of Oxygen, Polluted Oxygen or Carbon Dioxide.

Wild[edit | edit source]

A wild Sleet Wheat takes 72 cycles to grow.

Domestic[edit | edit source]

It can be planted in a Planter Box, a Farm Tile or a Hydroponic Farm.

It requires 5 kg/cycle Dirt and 20 kg/cycle Water.

A domestic Sleet Wheat takes 18 cycles to grow.

Decor[edit | edit source]

A Sleet Wheat has a decor value of 15 with 2 tiles radius.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • For beginners, it is recommended to plant Sleet Wheat in Planter Boxes or Farm Tiles rather than Hydroponic Farms as the pumped water can turn into ice and damage pipes if below -0.6 °C or warm up the farm above growth threshold. Whilst hydroponic farms require less maintenance, players should first practice how to cool water to a specific temperature to prevent pipe breakages (e.g. thermal sensors deactivating Wheezewort built on doors).
  • When Hydroponic Farms are used, the water already stored inside them does not matter, since in does not participate in heat transfer there, only idle water sitting in the pipes contributes to the temperature swings.
    • Thus, the Water supply may well be at room temperature or even warm, as long as the piping is insulated sufficiently to prevent heat-exchange.
    • Liquid Valves, when set slightly below Sleet Wheat's consumption rate, can be used to minimize the amount of water idly sitting in the pipes. Each 3 Sleet Wheat tiles require 100 grams of water per second. (Care should be taken with this setup to maintain the growth rate and evenly distribute water without stumbling over internal buffers.)
    • If warm water is used for irrigation the air surrounding the Sleet Wheat needs to be constantly cooled. This can be achieved using Wheezewort.
  • Overall, the Sleet Wheat Farm should be either well insulated using Insulated Tiles or placed in a Frozen Biome.

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