Transit Tube

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Transit Tube
Transit Tube.png
Quickly transports Duplicants from a Transit Tube Access to the tube's end.
Only transports Duplicants.
Type: Base
Decor: +5 (1 tile radius)
Construction cost: 50Kg Plastic

Usage[edit | edit source]

Transit tubes are the primary components of a Tube System to rapidly transport Duplicants from place to place within your colony. Tubes can only be entered with a Transit Tube Access and completely shield a Duplicant from whatever hazards the tube is run through whilst the Duplicant is inside. Like Heavi-Watt Wires, Transit Tubes cannot cross tiles, but a Transit Tube Crossing may be used in place of a tile.

Transit tubes require additional space to make a turn and cannot make a U-Turn.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Transit tubes are faster than most other items in the game, excluding Fire Poles being used downward.
  • While the tubes do protect Duplicants from harm, they are made of Plastic themselves, and are susceptible to its low melting point. Use caution with tubes around high heat.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The tubes are likely a reference to the transit tubes seen in Futurama's New New York, and possibly a reference to the "tube system" in the children's show Odd Squad, however it could simply be a reference to Futurama.

They could also be a reference to The Jetsons' pneumatic tubes from 1962.

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