Transit Tube Access

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Transit Tube Access
Transit Tube Access.png
Allows Duplicants to enter the connected Transit Tube system.
Stops drawing Power once fully charged.
Type: Base
Requirements: Power: 960W
Dimensions: 3w x 2h
Decor: -10 (2 tile radius)
Construction cost: 800Kg Refined Metal

Usage[edit | edit source]

The Transit Tube Access building functions as the primary way for Duplicants to enter Transit Tubes and the Tube System. Duplicants will stand at the Access Point for a brief period before they are sent up into the tubes; additional Duplicants will queue up behind one-another and wait their turn.

Each use of the Access Point will consume 10kJ of its 40kJ internal battery, meaning it can launch 4 Duplicants on a full charge. It will draw power to recharge its battery, but will stop drawing power once its internal battery has been fully charged.

The Access Points can be toggled on and off with Automation, but that does not stop Duplicants from exiting the tube above the Access Point.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • While the building itself is only two tiles tall, it requires at least an additional two tiles of space above it for the tube itself.
  • If used while charging, the Access Point can just about support 5 Duplicants through it (rather than the theoretical 4) since it will have charged 10kJ by the time the 5th Duplicant queues up.
  • Duplicants will not see the Access Point as a valid route if it does not have charge, rather than waiting for it to gain sufficient charge to be used. This means they will hunt for an alternate route if one is available.

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