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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version OU-232512. It was last updated for AU-218235.

(H2O) Clean water, suitable for consumption.
Type: Liquid
Freezing point: -0.6 ℃
Vaporization point: 99.4 ℃
Specific Heat Capacity: 4.179 (J/g)/K
Thermal Conductivity: 0.609 (W/m)/K

Water is one of the most important Resources in the game. Water is necessary for making food and supplying Oxygen, but does not need to be directly consumed by Duplicants for survival (despite its description).

Water is consumed by the Microbe Musher to make Mush Bar and Liceloaf.

Water is also consumed by Algae Terrarium, Electrolyzer, and Hydrofan.

Water is transformed into Polluted Water by Air Scrubber, Shower, and Lavatory.

Fresh Water can be obtained by filtering Polluted Water using a Water Purifier, melting Snow or Ice or cooling Steam. It can also be generated by heating up Polluted Water to boiling temperature and then collecting and cooling down the steam (Distillation).

Steam Geysers periodically produce new hot Water and Steam.

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